Naked Native strive towards a fair trade and eco-friendly line of production. It's our obligation as a businesses to always choose factories or other channels of productions as fair trade and sustainable as possible.

Bangladesh and Oporajeo

In Bangladesh we worked with a social business called Oporajeo.
They focused on helping the women that survived the collapse of the infamous Rana Plaza. That occurred in 2013, with 1,134 dead.

The new factory was set up as an employee-owned co-op where the producers were not referred to as "employees" but "co-workers". They were given profit dividends, medical treatment by the staff doctor and childcare.
The small startup focussed on making jute tote bags, which every poncho we produce comes in as packaging.


Sri Lanka Family Factory

Year 1998 Priyantha and Nilmini bought their first sewing machine to start making women underwear.
Now 20 years later, they have a lovely little factory behind their house with 12 employees working for them. The work hours are 8am to 5pm Monday to Saturday, with Sundays off and every full moon they have Poya holiday.

Priyantha and Nilmini opened their first own shop in Weligama 2014!

Our knitting factory for our garments are ISO 14001 approved.
This ensures that they meet environmental management in a systematically manner.